Sheet metal processing and cutting

Tecnolamiera’s facilities occupy a covered area of 4,400 m2.
The company has been operating since 1950 in the sheet metal machining sector as a sub-supplier. The company produces made to measure articles for its customers using the full range of sheet metal machining processes, from laser cutting to welding – with various raw materials, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

During its collaboration for the preparation of designs and prototypes, the company analyses and produces specific equipment. Tecnolamiera’s main aim is to understand and satisfy the Customer’s requirements and this represents the basis for strengthening and developing the company’s market presence. The management of purchase orders and processing is carried out through filling up of orders and cycles including all necessary indications, i.e. raw material, inner and outer processing, etc.. in order to attain a product consistent with the customer’s requirements. The processing phases are directly performed through EDP, which controls all administrative activities; in this way we can store and process a very high amount of useful data for production and economic management, and we can give any information to customers in a very short time.

Constant and continuous technological updating enables the company to combine competitiveness, flexibility, timeliness, punctuality and quality. Plate working with NC-machines controlled by a system of CAD-CAM, plays a major role.
Briefly, it is possible to carry out the drawing of the piece to be produced, to choose the type of working and to put out the instructions to send to the NC of the machine tool concerned in a single environment, without interfering with the normal workshop activities. A coordinated network of qualified sub-suppliers allows the company to integrate machining and surface treatment operations.

Tecnolamiera is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 since 1998, and is committed to transferring the spirit of the standard to its day-to-day activities; with attention being paid to its customers, continuous improvement and involvement of all the staff. Moreover, Tecnolamiera can issue a certificate for its products or request of the purchaser, thanks to its inner test department.