The company constantly thrives to reconcile maximum economic competitiveness with the highest quality standards. The company is fully equipped for every type of sheet metal machining, from shearing to CNC punching, CNC laser cutting, manual and robot controlled bending, pressing, and TIG, MIG and robot controlled welding.

Mobile optical laser cutting:

Production demands require increasingly fast, more flexible, higher quality and more precise machining methods, which may only be obtained by the use of the most advanced technologies. In order to satisfy these requirements, in line with the company’s aim for continuous development and upgrading, TECNOLAMIERA is also equipped with an automatic twin-bed system for the laser cutting of sheet metal, with automatic loading and unloading which enables unmanned production.

Combined laser cutting punching:

The machining time and efficiency of the process have been improved by means of the Trumatic 600 L machine. This is a combined laser cutting and punching system that enables the flat machining of pieces, thereby increasing the speed of the process by punching, nibbling and, if necessary, drawing and threading – followed by laser cutting to achieve an excellent quality of cut.

Numerically controlled punching:

Tecnolamiera has CNC punching machines, both of the tower and single-punch type, fixed and rotary with automatic changeover, with loading and unloading of the sheet metal and parts, including stacking on pallets. All this, combined with a well-stocked tools store, enables complete punching and small drawing operations to be performed.

Numerically controlled drawing and pressing:

Mechanical and hydraulic presses enable the execution of a multitude of machining processes from cold pressing to shearing; finished with trimming and edging machines.

Mechanical deburring, polishing and brushing:

Deburring removes burrs and sharp edges which have remained on the part to be machined after cutting operations; it is not a finishing treatment but an alternative to traditional grinding wheels. We can achieve particular degrees of surface finish by using abrasive belts and/or abrasive cloth brushes. The polishing machine enables a constant degree of roughness to be obtained, thereby guaranteeing smooth surfaces in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Numerically controlled rolling:

Tecnolamiera specialises in the machining of cylindrically-shaped bodies – which is a natural development of experience gained with the spinning technology. The rolling department has 4 manual machines and one with four CNC rollers without raisers; enabling cylindrical and conical bodies to be produced which then undergo automatic longitudinal welding.

Numerically controlled and robotic bending:

The bending department is equipped with 5 CNC machines with machining ranges of up to 3 metres and 250 ton power outputs. It also has a 5-axis robot bending machine with thickness control, providing high production rates at reduced costs. This enables the production of complex and difficult shaped products with the selection of tools based on material type and required finish.


Tecnolamiera, is able to perform a wide range of welding operations in addition to the production and supply of single components, with the aim of providing a fully finished product.
TIG welding with and without the addition of welding material, MIG and MAG welding, stud and circular welding, with condenser-discharge.
The department, which covers an area of approx. 1500m2 with 15 work stations, is also able to carry out complementary and finishing works.

Robotic MIG welding:

Robotic welding systems with suspended and upturned anthropomorphous robots, with 6 internal axes + 5 external axes, sliding along a 11 m long rail, with continuous control interpolated and synchronised with the robot axes (time and space synchronisation). It is fitted with 2 rotating/swivelling positioning devices, 800 mm diameter with a load capacity of 1,000 kg each, that are also moved with continuous control interpolated and synchronised with the robot axes (time and space synchronisation). It has ON / OFF vertical axis manipulators at 180° with two stations, 1,000 X 2,000 mm area with a load capacity of 1,000 kg each. The welding processes may be certified.

Flanging and trimming:

Tecnolamiera possesses the knowledge and technologies required for this type of machining which enables the sheet metal to be shaped and modelled, and transformed into a drawn part. Suitable for the machining of hemispheric, conical, and parabolic part.